The Advantages of Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is similar to meeting with a student in-person, except that you and the tutee are in completely different places. Using an online tutoring platform allows you to talk with and listen to your students, send message back and forth, compose and review documents, among many other benefits.

Here are some of the advantages of online tutoring:

Little to No Travel
As online tutoring takes place computer to computer, rather than face to face, it reduces travel time for the tutor and the student to meet up. Commuting usually requires some buffer time to accommodate road work or bad weather, which takes away from the tutor’s schedule. Online tutoring allows a tutor to book students back to back as he/she does not have to spend the time traveling from one student to another. Plus, online tutoring takes a load of stress off of the student’s parents, as the online sessions can be scheduled any time in the privacy of their own home.

No Geographic Limitations
In addition to getting rid of the traveling aspect of traditional tutoring, online tutoring removes all geographical limitations. Online tutoring lets students select from a larger pool of tutors versus just choosing from those in the local area. Perhaps a student needs a teacher with a specific c

ertification, and the only one available happens to live in the next state. Online tutoring works as distance learning can happen basically from any computer with a working internet connection.

Flexible Scheduling
Tutors who work with students on the internet have more flexibility with their scheduling. Not only are they not tied down by commuting, they can work at their own pace. A tutor can have a student complete an assignment, which they can then send back to the student online at any time, once they have finished reviewing. Plus online tutoring works really well with time differences. Say a tutor in Boston decides to work with students after putting in a full day of work; the tutor can set up a tutoring session for 6:00 pm Boston time and work with a student in San Diego at 3:00 pm California time. Online tutoring works for both parties as the student in California is able to get help right after school, and the tutor can take on clients while having a full-time 9-5 job.

Tutoring Match’s Online Tutoring Platform
With Tutoring Match’s online tutoring program, students work with a professional tutor over a secure web environment. The tutor and student communicate using text and voice chat applications, can draw problems on an interactive whiteboard, share files to easily review essays and papers, and browse educational resources together on the internet. The online platform allows students to connect with their tutors whenever they need help. Students are able to schedule a specific tutoring session, or look to see if their tutor is available online right then and there. If a student only has a few questions or needs help on a specific problem, the tutorial time will then be prorated and charged to the nearest quarter hour. For more information on Tutoring Match’s online tutoring program, visit us online at


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