An Educator Anticipates Bully’s Effects

This is a guest post from one of TM’s new tutors, an experienced educator and director of Clifton Corner in New York City.


This weekend, I will view the movie Bully with my friend, a former TA when we worked together at Prep for Prep and who now serves as a special education teacher in Brooklyn.  I thought my colleague would be the perfect person to see this film, especially because:

“Every year, 13 million children in America wake up in fear of being bullied at school…Research shows that children with learning disabilities and other special needs are more than twice as likely to be bullied as other kids.”

The Bully Project is an initiative by the National Center for Learning Disabilities, Ability Path, PACER’s National Bullying Center, and Autism Speaks.  Just by watching the trailer, I know I’m going to need some Kleenex to get through this important film, which you can access here.

Part of Social & Emotional Intelligence is being able to “check within” and then regulate the expression of our emotions.  It is my hope that Bully raises awareness about the often unconscious and insensitive decisions that both children and administrators have made in the past to turn a deaf ear and blind eye to children’s pain.  May we each participate in the protection of special needs everywhere.

-Sandra E. Clifton, M.Ed., PCC


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