Aren’t We All Gifted?

What do all of these gumballs have in common?

They are all gumballs. Sure they are different colors, different flavors, maybe even different sizes, but they are still just gumballs.  When I was teaching in the South Bronx my students were all different sizes, different colors and different  heritages (flavors). But they had one thing in common, they were still just children. They all learned different ways and at different paces, but they all had the ability to learn and excel.

So why are some children labeled gifted? Doesn’t everyone have gifts or the potential to stand out and excel? Why are only students who are labeled “Gifted” given the opportunity to have advanced experiences? All children need to be encouraged. All children want to be praised. Most children need a bit of motivation to have the courage to say “I Can”. Imagine what these kids might be able to do if they were labeled “Gifted” too.



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