The Benefits of Peer Tutoring

Many colleges and universities offer peer tutoring programs. Students who have an expertise in a specific area can sign up to become tutors for their classmates. The programs are usually funded by the school’s student work program and provide compensation for each tutoring session. Some think that peer tutoring isn’t as sufficient as working with a professional tutor. However, peer tutoring offers some great advantages for both the tutor and the student.

For the Student

College students who are struggling in a subject may be hesitant to seek help outside of the classroom. Depending on the size of the college, a professor may have limited office hours for a one on one consultation with a student. Some introductory classes can have upwards of 100 students and may not even be taught by the professor, but rather a teaching assistant. Due to the lack of personal interaction, students who are struggling may not think there are resources available for extra help. Or they may seem embarrassed to ask for help.

Peer tutors on the other hand are current students in school and thus have much more in common with those seeking assistance. They may have taken the same class in a previous year or semester, and can identify areas to improve upon for success in the course. As the tutor and the student are similar in age, it can make the tutoring relationship feel more like a study partnership rather than a traditional tutor/student dynamic.  Just working with someone who “gets it,” who knows the college atmosphere and is in tune with the academic environment can make all the difference for a struggling college student.

For the Tutor

For most colleges and universities, peer tutors are compensated by the school for their time. Not only does peer tutoring provide a means to earn extra income, peer tutors have the opportunity to build upon their own set of skills. Being a peer tutor means sharpening your own study skills while developing teaching and coaching abilities. Plus peer tutors can help their classmates improve their study abilities, grades, and overall success in class which can be incredibly fulfilling. Peer tutors can also provide social support for their tutees. Many peer tutors end up becoming friends with their tutees.

Get Started with Tutoring Match

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