Hiring a Foreign Language Tutor

When I was in high school, I absolutely loved Spanish. It was my favorite subject. For some reason the language just clicked with me. I did very well on my exams and always had fun doing my Spanish homework. Although I found success and ease with learning a foreign language, many students struggle in this area in particular. Studies have shown that the human brain is more open to linguistic development between birth and pre-adolescence. This may be why some students who start learning a second language in high school have such difficulty with the subject. Either way, if your child is struggling in their language courses, it might be time to invest in foreign language tutor.

Lack of Confidence

I have found that many times students become frustrated with learning a secondary language because they lack confidence in the language. Most subjects build on themselves. We are introduced to basic math and science in elementary school which then transform into advanced algebra and chemistry. However a new language is literally a “foreign” subject to many students who don’t have anything to base it on.

A private language tutor can help identify what road blocks your child is facing. It could be a comprehension issue. Some students are more adept to learning a language in text form versus learning by listening. Or it could be a pronunciation issue. Some students don’t have the natural ability to roll the letter “r” in Spanish, or know the specialized tongue placement for speaking in French. A tutor can help a student develop these areas to help him or her better understand the language in school.

Language Barriers

When I was offered languages in junior high, I chose Spanish for two reasons. The first was that I wanted to learn Spanish culture on top of the language. The second was that my mom had taken Spanish in high school and was fairly fluent in it, so I knew if I needed help with homework, I could consult her advice. However these days’ schools offer more than just the standard French and Spanish. Some schools offer languages such as Italian, Greek, German, and even Mandarin. If you don’t have any experience in the foreign language your child is studying, it could be difficult for you to help him or her on homework assignments. This alone would be a good reason to hire a language tutor.

Extra Practice at Home

They say practice makes perfect, and continually practicing a foreign language is the best way to become confident with both writing and speaking in the language. A private tutor provides students with the opportunity to practice the language outside of the classroom. Having a private language tutor can help a student increase their listening comprehension of the language, improve grammar and conjugation, and boost their confidence in their speaking abilities. Language tutoring sessions can even help a student get ahead of his or her classmates in the language. Sometimes all a student really needs is a little extra practice in a specific subject area to succeed.


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