Making Smart Choices When Posting Personal Content on The Internet

Freedom of speech apparently is not so free on Facebook, especially in the field of Education.  For Educators, what  is posted on Facebook can cost you your employment. In lieu of recent events mentioned in the article link below, professionals should think twice about what they say and do in public.

But what determines professional conduct? In looking up the word professional in the dictionary there is no definition regarding how a person in a profession should behave.  Any person in a profession can be professional, but the manners of conduct of one profession varies greatly from that of another.There is however a little something called “common sense”, “respect” and “maturity”.

Teachers were fired for being catty, disrespectful to their students, belligerent, and posted inappropriate pictures and text. We all need to vent and have times when frustrated, but how you choose to handle yourself speaks volumes about your character.

No, I don’t believe that a teacher should have been forced to resign because she posted a vacation picture of herself having a drink or two. Everyone has the right to a personal life. But when a line is crossed and a students rights need to be protected or a teacher’s behaviour is in question then there is no hesitation about a supervisor stepping in and taking appropriate measures.

Teachers are role models for impressionable minds. In this age of social media, cellphones with cameras and youtube, there really is no such thing as privacy.


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