Marketing Yourself as a Tutor is Like Going to a Dance

You remember going to a high school dance. The gym dressed with streamers and balloons while absurdly loud music blasted out of the speakers. The kids who had the most fun were the ones who were out on the dance floor, busting a move, and having a good time. Others chose to be a wallflower and sit on the outside, simply watching everything happening. When you are a tutor, marketing your services is much like going to a school dance.

Here’s why:

You Have To Put Yourself Out There. You can’t just go to a dance and expect people to come over to you. Just showing up is one thing, you have to put yourself out on the floor to get any attention. The same thing goes for promoting your tutoring services. Parents and students are consistently on the lookout for tutors, but they need to be able to find you first. Update your LinkedIn account with all of your academic and teaching credentials, a professional looking photo, and contact information. Anything you would put on a resume or CV should be on your LinkedIn account. Make sure you have increased your privacy settings on Facebook and have nothing that isn’t Rated-G on your profile.  You can also link your social accounts to your Tutoring Match profile since Tutoring Match is designed to meet a tutor’s needs and can provide a more in-depth insight into your business.

You Need to Know the Steps. Once you’ve decided to put yourself out there, map out a plan for success. Do you have prior tutoring clients who would be willing to give you a testimonial? Parents and students are going to want to hear feedback from other clients, so having recommendations and reviews on your LinkedIn and Tutoring Match profile will help them gain an insight into your teaching style.  References and success stories from those who have been under your tutelage help you show that you are worth the investment. Don’t just limit your referrals to the internet. Print and give your previous clients business cards to hand out to their friends who may be looking for a tutor.

You Need to Show Off Your Skills. The best dancers always get the most attention. Show off what makes you unique. Are you completely fluent in a foreign language? Do you have additional training in specialty areas like visual thinking strategies? Make sure you highlight all of your skills to help you stand out from the crowd. If you are looking to add to your credentials, try an online tutor training course. These online courses can help tutors learn new skills and develop innovate approaches to teaching. If you are a tutor, chances are you’re doing a dance whether you know it or not. Not a Tutoring Match member yet? Visit to start building your Tutoring Match profile. There are plenty of students who are in need of a tutor. Let them know you are available.


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