On your mark… get set… READ!

BooksWe go to basketball camp and voice lessons to become better players and singers. Likewise, to be a good reader requires practice. In fact, the most significant predictor of success in school is the habit of reading for pleasure.

Reading for pleasure…

  • is relaxing and fun!
  • effortlessly improves vocabulary and comprehension.
  • stimulates imagination.
  • expands the mind by teaching about different cultures, walks of life, and personality types.
  • consistently improves test scores.
  • improves writing and spelling.
  • is the one way to become an excellent reader!SummerSun

Use what’s left of this summer wisely…

Head to your town library or the nearest bookstore and see how many books you can finish before the summer ends!

Parts of this blog were taken from a newspaper article, “Promoting The Love of Reading”, written by Cheryl Feuer Gedzelman, Director of Tutoring For Success, Inc..


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