How to Use Tutoring Match as a Parent

Either you or your child has decided that it is time to request the help of a tutor. So how to you find the right tutor? Tutoring Match makes it easy to find a tutor in your area who can help your child succeed in areas in which he or she is struggling. Instead of trying to ask around for referrals or conducting unsuccessful internet searches, Tutoring Match has all of the information you are looking for conveniently located in one place. Finding a tutor on Tutoring Match takes about five minutes and can help you find the tutor who best fits the needs of your child.


Getting Started with Tutoring Match

1)      Find and Request a Tutor

The search feature on Tutoring Match offers many different ways to search for your perfect tutor. You can view tutors by type (in-person or online), location, subject area, and even by specific tutor name.  You can then select all tutors available or scroll through the list and pick and choose which tutors you would like to request.

2)      Create a Parent or Student Account

Before clicking on “request” make sure to include your student’s needs in the fill-in form. Once you have requested a tutor (or tutors), create a parent or student account. Your active account will let you view tutor responses and ultimately set up a tutoring course of action.

3)      View Responses

Tutors who respond to your request will show up under the “My Account” section on Tutoring Match. Here you can view the responses to your request for a tutor and view their bids. A bid is the price a tutor is willing to offer for his or her services for a request. It is usually an hourly rate and will range between a tutor’s minimum and maximum rates as indicated on his or her profile. You can then select the tutor you want and politely decline the other offers with a click of the mouse.

4)      Schedule an Initial Session

Tutoring Match offers a “Risk-Free first session. This session is usually less than an hour and it is structured to help test compatibility between the tutor and the student. If you for some reason do not receive the assistance you want and/or need during this first session, Tutoring Match will not charge a fee. If you and the tutor decide that it is a good match, you will be billed for the first session and all subsequent tutoring sessions.

5)      Receive an Invoice

With Tutoring Match, there are no long-term contracts are required. After your risk free first session, your tutor will make a recommendation regarding the frequency and length of upcoming tutorials with the student. Some parents and students prefer to meet their tutors once or twice per week; others work together more often. It all depends on the goals of the student. Once you set an arrangement, Tutoring Match will send you an invoice. Payment can be made by credit card, check or a payment plan. You pay Tutoring Match directly and Tutoring Match then pays the tutor.


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