Parent’s Contest: 6 Finalists: Why Tutoring?

Our parent  essay contest, Describe why and how my child would benefit from 1-on-1 tutoring, attracted over 100 entries from across the United States during the 60 days we offered it.

Unfortunately, some of the entries, though written well, did not answer the question and could not be considered. We received 4 essays that answered the question Why is tutoring beneficial?  and have decided to include them in our next contest because they were so well-written. We have also included them highlighted in bluish-green at the bottom of this blog.

The finalists for this essay contest were chosen based on 4 criteria: content, organization, structure & style. The judges also considered the student’s needs, the family situation and the urgency of the assistance.

The following essays, highlighted in yellow and in no particular order, are the finalists.  Even though we have closed all further entries, we have decided to announce the winners on Monday, Feb 21st. Winners will be notified by email and highlighted. Prizes to be sent soon after we receive mailing addresses.

trying to make the grades

Isacc is 15 years old and the past couple of years we have seen his grades slowly drop. This summer his father and I was called to attend a meeting at Isaac’s school where we was told that they recommend Isaac be placed in a classroom with children with developmental disorders. I was crushed by this news but his father and I decided that maybe if he got in a smaller class with a teacher who had more time maybe his grades would improve. In the beginning they did improve but about a month ago we notice Isaac acting very depressed and found out it was because other students had been making fun of him for being in the “slow class” and that some students had even hit Isaac. I’m just not sure what to do now, my son needs extra help and a teacher who can spend the time with him but I hate that my child is being bullied. I have looked into online schools but this is the first time I ever heard of online tutoring and I would like to try it out. I think it would be wonderful to see Isaac with better grades and functioning with his peers.

Before it is Too Late!

When I was in High School, I struggled in all my history courses. I always thought history was a joke and I never really cared to learn about the past. Now that I’m older, I see the relevance of historical events to how I live my daily life. Sometimes I wish I paid more attention in class, or had someone, other than my professors to push me to understand what I was being taught. I intend on having tutors for my children for when they reach grade school in the subjects that they struggle with. Each and every subject being taught is important in their own way, and it is important that my children recognize that before it is too late.

A need for Organizing

My son is now 15 years old and struggling with organizing his assignments and getting them turned in on time. He started out at three years old not talking regular words. According to the doctor he had made up his own words and would start talking when he was ready. Well apparently he wasn’t ready till he turned four and I put him in daycare. Eventually he was put into special reading classes in grade school, however the school system deemed him better without further testing and decided he would be good on his own. Unfortunately he was not good on his own; he needed help in organizing and was still not good at talking in class. His teachers said he was very quiet—too quiet. My son is a very smart child who lacks the organizational skills and focus to understand some assignments and to get those assignments turned in on time. I would like to get my son organized in order to raise his grades. I would love him to be ready for college. College is very important to me as I was the first in my family to graduate with a degree and would like to pass this possibility on to my children. I want my child to be ready for his future and to do that he will need help in organizing his skills and learning.

Preparing For College

My 17 year old daughter is a senior this year. She has done very well in high school but I am afraid that her study skills are not where they need to be for her to get the grades that she will need to succeed in college. She procrastinates and usually scrambles to get the big assignments done at the last minute. I also feel she needs to learn test preparation skills, her test scores are not where I know they could be with a little guidance. I would love the opportunity for her to have the little bit of extra help from Tutoring Match that she needs to excel in her college career.

Home Sick

My grandson is frequently missing classes and entire days of school due to his many medical disabilities. Just yesterday, he woke, showered and got ready for school in the morning. His mother found him 4 hours later humped over on the floor. She woke him to find out he fell due to a dizzy spell then hit his head on a nearby stool and was knocked out. She rushed him to the emergency room for tests. The doctors could not find the cause to the dizzy spells. He will get further testing on this next week. The blow to his head was serious since he has severe hemophilia and this could easily hemorrhage and become deadly. The CAT scan did not show any internal bleeding. He misses a great many of his first period class in chemistry. He could use a tutor in this class to keep his grades up this year. He has plans of entering the medical field and helping other sick kids.

Math & Science

I feel that they could benefit from tutoring because they do pretty well in school. The main issues seem to be with math and science. No matter how hard they study or try they still seem to get C’s or D’s when it comes to those two subjects. I think with more one on one tutoring with a tutor who knows how to reach children, and then their grades and GPA can be brought up.


Loving School

It is no surprise that children who do poorly in school learn to dislike school. It becomes a vicious circle and one cannot tell what comes first the chicken or the egg. With tutoring and improved skills, grades and attitude a student’s life can be turned around. We have seen this in our own children. A son of ours who would shudder when we drove past his school during summer break is now in graduate school at the top of his class and his game. I believe in it.

From Many to One

Testing in the top 90% is no guarantee of school success. Sometimes a student unsure of himself in the setting of a new school can get lost in the crowd and not know where to begin either socially, academically or athletically. One on one tutoring helps that student to be able to see concentrate on the areas he is weak in order to gain strength. Tutoring helps him maybe get past some anger of having to change school and get down to what is important in each lesson. One on one tutoring takes into account the individual and each person’s learning style that a teacher in a large classroom just does not have the time for. Success can be possible whether in the 90% or the 10% if the individual is helps with his own needs.

Tutoring is More than Teaching

As a paraprofessional in Algebra 1 in a local high school, I tutor many kids. To me, tutoring is more than just teaching. It’s helping to understand a particular subject – not just the mechanics, but the reason behind the mechanics. As a parent, tutoring helps me to bond with my child. It shows them that I do care about not just their education, but about them. Education is more than math, history; education is the everyday aspects of a child’s life. After all, tutoring our children helps them to become better situated into the world they will enter as adults.

Life’s Pathways

One of my favorite things about living in Oregon is the wide range of possibilities there are. On any given weekend, one road leads to the rugged coast, another road winds up snow-capped mountains, and a third heads into old-growth forest. As our children grow up, they begin life with endless possibilities. But, sometimes along the way, there might be roadblocks and barriers that present themselves. And, just as the occasional rockslides and snow-filled passes create frustrating limitations for weekend travelers, personal barriers often lead to more serious limitations: they limit one’s future. I remember holding my newborn daughter and imagining all of the possibilities that were open to her. While a dozen years have passed, I still wonder at the different paths that she has open in her life. When younger, she desired to be a veterinarian. As she has grown, she has considered a career as a wildlife biologist or an author. One can only imagine what her future dreams will hold. Professional tutoring can help to maintain all of the different possibilities in life. While parents do their best to support their children as they walk down each pathway in life, professional tutors, with their skilled interventions and endless patience, can help to remove some of the major roadblocks that our children encounter. And this gives me the freedom to sit at the coast, watching the waves crash against the shore, as I dream about reading my daughter’s first novel and learning about the new species that she discovered. Who knows where the future will take her…there are so many possibilities now!


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