Public School vs Private School

As someone who has experienced public and private schools (both day and boarding) first hand as a student, teacher, administrator, private tutor, owner of a tutoring company and parent, I think I have some awareness of the stark differences between these two environments and dramatic impacts and influences they have on our youth.

Granted, while no two schools are exactly alike, every school has its own culture and identity.

I was fortunate to experience small classes and personal attention when I was

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I have been accosted by angry students in class and out; I have

The obvious differences between public and private education is the environments of the schools.

Of the public schools that

As the tutor of a 9th grade student, I recently experienced a teacher’s meeting with a parent and her son’s public school teachers where the English teacher did not believe in homework or writing assignments in a “college track” curriculum. And at another follow-up meeting I discovered the teacher after two months of school had no syllabus, student expectations, grades and means of evaluation other than her own subjective assessment.

In that same meeting I also discovered that the biology teacher did not believe in homework and that all work was done during class time.

The boy has the attitude that he does not have to know anything about writing


As a proponent of home work




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