The Importance of a Regular Study Spot

We are creatures of habit, and a good habit to get into is setting up a space to study in regularly. There are things we do in life so frequently we don’t even have to think twice like taking a daily shower or brushing our teeth. There are other things that we need to dedicate our time and energy towards such as going to the gym. Once you establish a routine, making the commitment gets much easier. The same approach should be applied to how you study. Not only should you set aside time every day to study, but you should establish a regular study spot.

Pick a Quiet Environment

Your study spot should be set up in a quiet environment. If you are studying at home, perhaps you decide to use a spare bedroom or set up a desk in the basement. High school and college students should take advantage of their school’s library. Not only does the library require that students keep talking to a minimum, sometimes it is easier for students to focus and study when others are doing the same around them. Some college dorms even offer quiet rooms for studying. Wherever you decide to study, make sure that it is a quiet space that you have access to regularly. Continually studying in one spot will help you establish your study routine.

Remove Distractions

In addition to picking a quiet place to study, you need to make a concerted effort to remove all distractions. Pick a place that is free from television, radio, magazines, and other distractions. Turn off your phone or put it on silent. Your study space should provide little temptation to engage in activities that are not a part of your school work. If you need to use a computer, make sure your online use is limited to research for your work.

Not all distractions are a bad thing. Some students prefer to study while listening to music, where having background noise helps them tune out what is around them to focus on their studies.  However it all depends on each student’s personal learning preferences.

Dedicate Space for Studying

Not only are we as people habitual beings, we are great at making associations with our environments. For instance, you should try to avoid studying in bed. Studying in bed can do one of two things. You either start to subconsciously associate your bed with studying so when you lie down at night to sleep; your brain continues to stay in “work” mode. Or you associate your bed with sleep so if you try to study in bed you become drowsy and less focused on the work at hand. This is why creating a space that is dedicated just for school work is so important. Once you establish your routine, your mind will start to associate your study space with work. You’ll automatically prepare yourself mentally for studying once you enter your designated study area.

What are some examples of study spaces that you have created? How has it helped you with your studying?


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