Resolutions for 2012

Resolutions made on the eve of the new year usually reflect our best intentions. A new year is  a clean slate, we allow ourselves a fresh start, this time around swearing to do what we did not in the previous year. Many of the resolutions I have heard from family and friends involve a healthier lifestyle, being a better person, making amends and trying to achieve a goal. At my New Year’s Eve dinner this year I was listening to my friend’s children state their resolutions and I was impressed to hear the youngest one begin his sentence with “I will try”.

“I will try”, so simply put. For isn’t that what resolutions are all about? Trying to make an improvement from last year?  The child wasn’t promising to be nice to his siblings,but  he was willing to make the effort. Isn’t that the most we can ask? As adults we put a lot of thought and consideration into what we need/want to accomplish in the new year. We start our sentences with “I will” knowing full well that although we will make the attempt, we are not promising success.

So how about we all take a step back, reflect on what we think we can realistically achieve, be honest with ourselves and say “I will try”.

Then maybe our resolutions will not only find success, but will also last a whole lot longer.


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