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This Week: The Wisdom of Kong Fu Zi

Today I’d like to share with readers some quotes from the ancient Chinese philosopher Kong Fu Zi, whom most Westerners would recognize as Confucius. Kong Fu Zi was born in the axial age of history when numerous civilizations produced great philosophers, from Socrates to Buddha. The foundations of the humanities, sciences, and mathematics were all laid down in this era.

Kong Fu Zi stressed that the purpose of life was to seek knowledge through consistent study and to improve oneself. His educational philosophy was strict, but it did work, and laid the foundations for a Chinese meritocracy system that would serve the Middle Kingdom well for millennia. He produced numerous educational maxims which have inspired poets, teachers, officials, and more for centuries. Here are a few to enlighten your day and help better educate your child and/or pupil.

“What I hear, I forget. What I see, I remember. What I do, I understand.”

Experience is crucial to learning. Help your student or child engages in the material at hand at every available opportunity. Also, be sure to encourage them to apply what they are learning outside of the classroom, where the meeting between theory and application can help improve a pupil’s mental capacities.


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