SAT ACT Test Prep in Fairfield, CT Spring ’13

Our results-oriented SAT / ACT test programs focus on strategies, tips and shortcuts and are designed to help students master the complexities of the test and develop skills to identify distracters (wrong answers) to thereby arrive at the correct answer.

SAT Prep

Crunch Time -Accurate1

ACT Prep

Initial Sign-up:


  • To reserve a seat and a particular session, full payment must be received (by mail, by phone, online, or in person) prior to the first session.
Payment Method: 
  • check – received no later than a week before the start of a session or with a validated credit card number as security
  • credit card (3%-5% added for processing costs depending on the card type)
  • debit card
  • cash
  • online through Bill and Pay call us so we can send you an invitation.
    • credit card
    • debit card
    • direct withdrawal from savings or checking account.

Discount / Refund:

  • If a group enlarges to 5 students before the first session, each student will receive the price difference at the end of the course.
  • All students who join after the diagnostic test, must pay full price no matter what the group size.
  • If a reservation deposit is received after the group size exceeds 8 students, the student may be directed to choose another time slot.
  • No refunds for missed sessions.
  • No students will be admitted after the second session of any course.
  • Late enrollees (after the diagnostic test) must pay full cost of program no matter what the size of the group.
Instructor: Henry Lane

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