‘Tis The Season, For Tutoring!

Whether we want to admit it or not, November 1st starts the holiday season here in the U.S. As soon as all of the Halloween candy has been trick or treated, the Christmas ornaments hit shelves, coffee shops switch over to specialty blends like gingerbread and peppermint mocha, and stores begin blasting us with advertisements for holiday sales. Although the holiday season is a time for giving thanks and enjoying the company of others, this time of year can be relatively busy for tutors as many students start to look for help around this time. Whether they are getting ready for finals or are seeking help as they have been struggling in a subject for a month or so, students could definitely use some extra TLC during this busy time of year.

Here are three reasons why you should consider tutoring this holiday season:

Three Month Mark

November isn’t just the start of the holiday season; it also is the three month mark for most students. Three months into a school year may not seem like a lot of time, but most schools are in their second quarter and secondary schools are nearing the end of their first semester. This is a prime time for students (or parents) to seek the help of a tutor. In September, everyone is slowly getting settled into the school year and academic progress made in October can be a clear indicator of if a student needs help in a subject, or multiple subjects. For students at the college level, November when they need to make sure they are prepared for finals in December, and may be looking for tutoring help to improve their examination scores. This is a prime opportunity for tutors to get new clients.

College Admission Time

I remember when I was applying to college I started my early applications in October and finished all of them the day before I left for winter vacation. Most high school and college seniors are busy putting together their applications for schools. They may also be taking their final round of standardized tests including the SATs, ACTs, and GREs. As time is of the essence to get applications in the mail, students may only be looking for a few tutoring sessions to help them with specific subjects on their standardized examinations. It may mean taking more tutees on at one time, but the time commitment is lessened as most students will not need to continue tutoring sessions after their applications are sent.

Extra Holiday Income

Everyone appreciates a little extra income during the holidays. Between baking goodies, going to holiday parties, and the traditional gift giving, the holiday tend to be an expensive time of the year. Taking on extra tutoring clients for the holiday season is a great way to make some extra holiday cash. With an increased demand from students hoping to improve their final grades, tutors can take advantage of the need for tutors and make some extra income. Even though you are taking on tutees for some extra holiday money, you can relax knowing that the work you are doing is helping to better the academic careers and personal goals of those under your tutelage.


One Response to “ ‘Tis The Season, For Tutoring! ”

  1. Cecii says:

    I am a tutor at my school, and I wish more of my sentduts knew this. You brought up some very good points; I especially liked that you brought up going to class and leading the session. I can’t tell you how many of my sentduts continue to skip class and it’s very frustrating. I also feel helpless when sentduts come empty- handed. I want to be as much of a help as possible, and it’s a terrible feeling when I don’t even know where to start. I think I may send this link to my boss to possibly let new sentduts in our tutoring program know what to expect. Thank you very much for this post, Adam!