The 49%: Public Schools Under Threat

by Stacie Vos

Have you heard about the parent trigger law? It is a law that has been considered in over 20 states that allows 51% of the parents of a school population to deem it ineffective and make it into a privately run charter school, fire the staff, or close it down.

Diane Ravitch, a notable historian of education, points to a group in Florida that stopped this “trigger” problem from getting any bigger: “By their actions, they recognized that collaboration — not hostile takeovers — is the most effective way to improve their public schools.”

Once the parents (or 51% of them) make this decision, their “power” might be taken over by a private charter system. Why can’t all parents become more involved in improving public schools, rather than giving up on them?

See Ravitch’s full article, and join “Room For Debate:”

Audio Clip from The Take Away, on Parent Trigger Laws (includes interview with Connecticut Parent Union president):



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