Time Management Tips for High School Students

Adults never feel that there is enough time in the day to accomplish everything they need to get done. Students have the same feeling. Between juggling school, sports teams, and employment, high school students have a lot on their plates. As a parent, you should work with your child to establish good time management skills. If your high school student has proper time management abilities, he or she is better able to balance all of their responsibilities while keeping up his/her grades. So how exactly do you get your student to make managing his/her time a priority? Here are some guidelines for establishing good time management for high school students.

Plan Everything!

Between soccer practice, debate team, glee club, and dance lessons, a high school student’s schedule can be pretty packed. This is why it is crucial that your student have each week planned out in advance. Not only does your student need to allot time for afterschool activities and homework, but large school projects and lengthy essays need additional time to complete. Planning in advance also helps you as the parent so you know where and when your child needs to be picked up and dropped off keeping you on schedule as well. Knowing how much time is allotted for a specific activity helps you and your student map out responsibilities to keep everyone on track.

Homework: Do the Hard Stuff First

High school students are notorious for procrastinating. Not only are after school activities more of a priority, our digital distractions (texting, Facebook, music and video streaming) make it easy to put off doing school work. When it comes to homework, have your child start working on the hardest subjects first. If your child is able to fly through Spanish homework but struggles with Algebra II, make sure they complete their math homework first. Your child will most likely be more alert and ready to tackle homework assignments at 4 pm than he or she would be if starting the assignment at 9 pm especially if dealing with complex subject matter.

Prepare the Night Before

Teenage students are also known for their ability to oversleep. Oversleeping can lead to rushing to get ready in the morning and leaving important items (essays, textbooks, etc.) at home. Have your child pack everything the night before so it is ready to go. By making sure that all assignments are properly filed in your child’s binder or organizer the night before helps save time in the morning and reduces the probability of leaving a homework assignment behind.

Review Before Bed

A recent study suggests that studying before bed can improve memory retention the next day. Have your student read through flash cards and vocabulary lists prior to falling asleep. The study suggests that falling asleep after studying helps the brain store and organize new information. When your child gets up in the morning, have them review their flash cards or other study aids once more. Send your child off to school feeling as well prepared as possible.


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