3 Tips to Survive Midterms and Finals

As we reach the end of October many college students have just finished their midterm exams and have roughly a month and a half until finals start. Studying for mid-term and final exams is all a part of the college experience. Late nights, junk food, and lots of stress are commonplace during these times. Some students become too overwhelmed with these intense study periods and as a result, their grades suffer.

Here are 3 tips to survive midterms and finals:


You’re reading this and probably laughing right now. You think to yourself, “no one in the midst of midterms and finals is thinking about getting enough sleep!”
Yes we have all been there. Many of us are guilty of cramming until 5 in the morning for a 10 am exam. Others have pulled all-nighters and have stayed up for 36 consecutive hours to finish a project or final paper. Try to avoid this at all costs.

Sleep deprivation can wreak havoc on your body. Not getting enough sleep affects your memory and ability to recall information which is crucial for taking exams. Chronic sleep deprivation also lowers your immune system’s capabilities and increases your chances of getting sick. This is especially important to note as many college students are in close contact with each other in study groups and in dormitories. Getting an adequate amount of sleep helps you to keep from getting sick and from potentially getting others sick as well.

Eating Right

With your mind focused on the amount of work you have to complete and the facts and figures you need to memorize, healthy food choices are the least of your concern. You most likely have barricaded yourself in your dorm room or common area so you snack on whatever is readily available. Many students study with a steady diet of toaster pastries, mac and cheese, chips, and energy drinks or coffee. Much like adequate sleep, your body needs nutrients to perform at its best.

Keep a strong supply of healthy cereal on hand. A bowl of cereal or granola made of oats and whole grains is much better than snacking on chips and pretzels. Take a study break and walk down to your dining hall or cafeteria to get a salad to bring back with you. Instead of ordering in a pizza, see if the local area eateries offer items like soup and sandwiches. Plus make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Your mind and your stomach will thank you for trying to stay health conscious when snacking.


Again, you’re probably laughing. When on earth would you be able to schedule in time to exercise when you have three days of studying ahead? Here’s the good news, you do need to take breaks in between studying. If you can, make your way down to the fitness center and hop on the elliptical for 20 minutes. Exercising while under intense academic pressure works two ways. It boosts endorphins to make you feel better and it helps you manage your stress and anxiety. On an even smaller scale, host a study dance party in your dorm. Invite your study buddies over, put on music for 15-20 minutes and dance around. You’ll have fun while working in a little physical activity.


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