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perplexedFrom: Nannette S.
Sent: Saturday, February 02, 2013 8:18 AM
To: hlane@tutoringmatch.com
Subject: RE: Your future is pretty clear. Take a look…


I wanted to find out if it is possible to suspend my membership, vs. withdrawing? I completely understand and appreciate the ongoing push to have your tutors more aggressively solicit new students through upgrading/revising their profiles. However, as I shared back in November, I also understand that for the time being your company has very limited exposure in the Baltimore area. I believe that there are only 2 other tutors listed for the entire state of Maryland. I don’t see this as a problem! Quite the contrary! I think it’s amazing that company based  in CT has any connections in Maryland :) From my first phone interview, I was very impressed with the organization of the company. That’s why I invested time in setting up my profile. But the reality is that in this market, Tutoring Match is competing with MANY more companies based here in the Baltimore/Washington area and potential for new clients is limited. My personal limitations with regard to ages, subjects and distance, make my potential client base even smaller. But I don’t want to remove my profile. Even though it took more than 2 years to find a match, the client I had last year was a perfect fit! So I’d like to suspend my profile for a while. I may eventually consider being a video tutor and/or your company may find a way to take a larger share of the competitive Baltimore market. I would therefore prefer to keep my profile, but designate it as “inactive”, for the time being.

If this is not a viable plan, I understand. I would love to keep my options open, but continuing to update my profile doesn’t seem practical until the potential for local clients has increased. I will accept and respect whatever decision you make. I look forward to your response.


Nannette S.


Hi Nannette,

Really appreciate your thoughtful response though we are perplexed.

Not sure why you would want your profile to be inactive unless you are not taking any students. Being inactive won’t help you or us. Here is your profile: https://www.tutoringmatchpro.com/Search/Default.aspx?tprofile=e3fa98f6-b595-486c-8f21-87fe4bbaddcd

The only additions you need to your profile to stay active is:

  • Add 35 more words to your narrative; include a quote
  • Either indicate the tool you want to use for your online tutoring or deselect the online tutoring option.

Certainly, we will deactivate if that is your desire and wish you the best of success in the future.

And we, too, are caught in a bind…a Catch 22 of sorts… because we have discovered that many tutors have this approach / mentality / rationalization that they won’t upgrade their profile until Tutoring Match finds them more students and tutorials. But what many don’t realize is that it is their profile is what attracts the students. Yes, the student you found came through our site and because of our efforts to market in your area, but you had the best profile…. and this is true for most of the tutoring comes to those tutors who actually invest in themselves by creating credibility and take advantage of our marketing tools.

So, many tutors tell us that they aren’t interested in upgrading their profiles or their memberships until they start getting students directed to them. This makes no sense to us and is backward thinking in our minds because if they started attracting students WITHOUT taking the time and care to create an attractive online persona, then why would they then want to build a more attractive presence?

The even more perplexing perspective / logic(?) is that many tutors conclude that because they didn’t attract any students with their bare bones profile, they explain it as our company is what doesn’t work and why they don’t want to invest in something that doesn’t work. What they fail to comprehend is that one can’t win the lottery without investing something, one can’t attract a significant other unless one gets dolled up, and one can’t get hired for a significant job unless he/she appears professional.

What numerous tutors don’t seem to realize is that what attracts parents isn’t our site as much as it is the quality of a tutor’s profile. And your profile is what got you your tutorial. It attracted the client because it shows your attention to creating a powerful image…it is impressive and well done.

Again, thanks for your support.

Henry D. Lane

Founder / Owner / Director
Tutoring Match


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