The Tutor Marketing Mix

For tutors, marketing is usually on the lower end of their to-do lists. Between working a full-time job, making lesson plans for clients, and arranging schedules, marketing their tutoring services falls to the wayside. Here are some easy to follow tips for putting together a strong tutor marketing mix with both online and offline options.

Offline Marketing

- Business Cards

Your business cards should list all of your basic information, email, phone number, and a link to your website (if you have one). You can also list out your tutoring areas of expertise (SAT prep, Geometry, French, etc.). Some tutors may decide to include the geographic areas they serve as well as hours of availability. Business cards don’t have to be super expensive. You can design your own and print them at home with kits available from office supply stores. There are also plenty of online companies that offer free business cards all you have to pay for is shipping. Keep them in your purse, backpack, and wallet, as you may never know when a tutoring opportunity may come up.

-  Flyers

If you are a Photoshop wiz, throwing together a flyer shouldn’t be too difficult. You can also easily make flyers and posters in Microsoft Word or Paint. Flyers for tutors don’t need to be super fancy with graphics and multiple schemes. If you are uncomfortable with your design skills, ask a friend or family member for help. Or even barter your tutoring services with a designer. Be sure to include all of your contact information. You don’t have to include a personal picture, but it can be a nice addition. You can also consider making a flyer with rip-off tabs on the bottom with your phone and email. Hang the flyers at the local library, coffee shops, community centers, and community message boards.

- Word Of Mouth

Word of mouth referrals are one of the best marketing tools for a tutor. Encourage your current and past students (and their parents) to recommend you to others. Give them a couple copies of your business card to hand out to their friends who are looking for a tutor.

Online Marketing

- LinkedIn Profile

Optimize your LinkedIn profile to brand yourself as a tutor. List all applicable teaching and tutoring experience as well as your skill set and what academic areas you specialize in. Reach out to your supervisors or previous tutees for endorsements on your LinkedIn profile. Make sure your education information is up to date and list any additional certifications or courses you have taken in addition to your degree(s).

- Tutoring Match Profile

Setting up a basic Tutoring Match profile helps show prospective clients your experience, availability, and teaching credentials. You can put links to your Tutoring Match profile on your social accounts, business cards, and your flyers. Tutoring Match members also have the ability to upload their resumes, record testimonials, and place references on file. “Plus” and “Professional” level members offer enhanced profiles that integrate email communication and access to over 300 marketing tools.


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