Tutor Marketing Tips: Advice for Expanding Your Tutoring Business – Part 2

Your second tip is to make a Facebook Fan Page dedicated to updating your students about your schedule. Ignore Facebook groups, which are quickly becoming obsolete. Once your profile is business-friendly, invite friends, family, and most importantly, students and parents! Not only will this further broaden your presence on Facebook, but it can help you gauge how well you are performing as a tutor. I highly recommend that you also  engage in a little customization. Buildup your profile with Facebook Markup Language (FBML). You will need to install the Static FMBL app and learn the language, too. You should communicate constantly and consistently with your fans, and you should also show them how much respect you have for them by letting any fan posts appear on the front page.

Of course, you shouldn’t rely exclusively on Facebook, as there are many, many other social networking tools available. The social network should simply be one of many crucial parts to your tutoring business’ presence online, serving as a cursory introduction to you and your tutoring business. Primarily, your Facebook presence should also be a gateway to your TutoringMatch profile, which will give prospective students and parents a better idea of your abilities. Integration, readers, is the key!

Next week I’ll give pointers on to use Twitter to get the word out on your tutoring venture. Until then, happy social networking, and have a great weekend!


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