Tutor Marketing Tips: Advice for Expanding Your Tutoring Business

If you’re a tutor, you’re a business person. That means your tutoring endeavors will be subject to the same rules that spell success or failure for any other business. And in today’s technology-saturated world, utilizing social networking has become indispensible for promoting you and your product (i.e., the subject you tutor). At the center of the social networking craze lies Facebook, now home to over seven-hundred million users. Why not take advantage of this powerful (and free!) networking tool for your business? Here’s some advice to start you off.

Tip # 1: Cleanup your profile! All pictures on Facebook should be crisp, clean and professional. Anything above a G-rating is a no-no. Personal information should be limited to a cell phone number, an email address devoted exclusively to your tutoring business, and links to self-promo sites such as your About Me page or your LinkedIn profile (I recommend having both). Most importantly, you should provide a link to your Tutoring Match profile as well, since Tutoring Match is tailored to a tutor’s needs and can give a more in-depth insight into your business. You should also be sure that every detail of your education is available. Anything that you’d put on a resume you should put on Facebook. Be sure to lower your privacy settings so that potential students who are not “friended” can readily access your page, too.

Next week: Tip #2


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