Tutor Tip #14: Your Tutor Profile Photo


What is a “good” photo for my profile?

A photo that frames your face and shows you smiling will usually suffice. A photo need not be done professionally, but the basic rule of thumb is that a photo should show you in a favorable light and be as professional as possible. Photos that have you facing the camera and show good eye contact are usually effective. Remember,

How is posting an unclear photo almost as bad, maybe worse, than not posting one at all?

A poor quality photo sends a number of subliminal messages that do very little to enhance your first impression.

Can I call your office and have you take me through the process?

We have improved the upload feature so it is easy to figure out. If you have a placed a photo on any major social media site, then you won’t have much trouble doing it yourself. If you are unable to upload a photo by yourself, send us an email with the photo attached. We do provide personal 1-on1 assistance to our Premium+Plus and Professional Members.

Will you upload the photo to my profile, if I send you an email with my photo attached?

Yes, we can also edit a photo.

Can I mail a photo to your office and then have you scan and upload it?

We do not provide this service.

See Profile Matters for more detailed explanation.


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