Tutoring Beyond Academia

Music Tutors
Music tutors may specialize in one particular instrument, or might have experience in multiple areas of music education. Besides offering private lessons for the violin, flute, and percussion, a music tutor may also be ideal for students studying music theory or who are having difficulty learning how to read music. A music tutor may be able to tutor in your own home. If you are worried about upsetting the neighbors, the tutor may have a practice studio for your child to have lessons.

Dance Tutors
Although a dance tutor may not be able to work with your child in your own home, like many tutors do, hiring a dance instructor for private lessons may be just what your child needs to break out of his/her shell. Dance tutors can help students learn ballet basics that translate across other styles such as jazz, lyrical, and contemporary. If a student is struggling in the dance studio, he or she is most likely not comfortable talking with the teacher or asking too many questions during class. A dance tutor can help a student develop dance skills and learn different styles without the pressure of other students looking on.

Art Tutors
Art tutors help a student with composition, learning to work with shades and colors, and can teach disciplines in painting, sculpture, and drawing. You may find an art tutor is also an established graphic designer, and that he or she are able to tutor your child on photo editing and layout and design software. Art tutors can help your child find his or her inner artistic “voice” and develop a personalized style. Art tutors are also ideal for students who are looking to build their portfolios if they are looking to go to college for graphic design, fashion design, architecture, theatre design and tech, and other visually specific professions.

Tutoring for Multiple Subjects
Many tutors will tutor in multiple subject areas. For example a math tutor may also be a guitar instructor. As it is learning to read music and play rhythms is very mathematical. Or an English tutor may also double as an art instructor. If your child is already working with a tutor for one specific area, see if he or she has any other specialties that may be beneficial for the student. The tutor and your child have already established a good rapport, so why not see if the same tutor who is helping your child with mathematics is also a really good clarinet instructor as well.


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