Tutoring Match Attends Teen Forum at City Hall

By Stacie Vos

Last week I attended a moving event, one filled with families who wanted to see change in Bridgeport schools. The superintendent of schools, Paul Vallas, spoke about many changes to come. He promised to not only convey but to enact the “sense of urgency” he knew the parents and students wanted.

Organizations such as Girls Inc. and Excel Bridgeport came out for the event. Several volunteers from Excel, Teach for America, and other organizations volunteered in order to facilitate discussions. Pictured below with a group of students is Lauren Wozniak, Operations and Projects Manager at Excel Bridgeport.

I am hoping to find out more about the discussions held, but I can certainly testify to a great turn out and a crowd that is ready to demand and make change in Bridgeport schools.



One Response to “ Tutoring Match Attends Teen Forum at City Hall ”

  1. Lauren says:

    Hey that’s me in the red! It was definitely great to hear from the students about some of the challenges we face as a city and a school system and some of their solutions for fixing those problems. Our group actually spent a lot of time talking about the unique problem that middle schoolers face (most of the group pictured was of that age) in Bridgeport with the severe lack of after school activities (sports, clubs, etc.) for them to participate in. The kids in this group had no sports teams for their middle schools and I shared my experience of going to a junior high that had a multitude of sports offered for 7th and 8th graders and they were amazed! They came up with some great solutions for trying to get more after school activities at the middle schools and what I really thought was great was that they wanted more events like the teen forum so that they could keep being actually heard by the adults in the city. Anyway… those are my $.02 =)