Tutoring Match works for Tutors, Parents & Students

Often parents and new tutors first come to Tutoring Match with the perception that “our tutors” work for us, but it is actually the other way around.

The success behind Tutoring Match lies in its ability to work for parents, students and tutors so it works for them.

Tutoring Match has devised a business model that enables all three groups to benefit…so that there is WIN-WIN for everyone.

Here is how TM works for parents, students and tutors:

Parent Benefits:

Tutoring Match

    * helps parents find the right tutor for their child.

    * doesn’t offer pre-packaged academic programs; TM’s tutors personalize their assistance to the child’s needs.

    * has over 100 pre-screened, professional tutors for all subjects in any grade level

    * enables parents to trust and rely on the fact they will find a highly qualified tutor for their child.

    * maintains tutor profiles (resumes, testimonials, references, fee options, i.e) and makes them accessible, easy to locate and read on its website.

    * saves parents time and effort by making it easy to find and compare tutors with its website search, sort and map features.

    * makes it easy to interview and arrange first meetings between tutors and students.

    * advises and recommends the best tutor match(s) when requested.

    * has tutors who travel at the time and to the place parents / students want the tutorial.

    * provides parents with a “Risk-Free” first session so parents can assess if the tutor and the student are a good match.

    * enables parents to choose a tutorial fee or payment plan that fits their budget.

    * promises parents that they don’t pay anything unless they are totally satisfied.

    * only charges a fee for the tutorial time.

    * creates a monthly invoice and accepts payment by check or credit card.

    * provides free consultations and support before and after a tutorial has begun.

    * provides online parental tips, educational resources from its partners and current educational information on its blog.

Student Benefits:

Tutoring Match…

    * offers students the best tutors whenever and wherever they need them (We’re now online!).

    * promotes student success in school and higher self-esteem and confidence.

    * posts weekly SAT, ACT, & SSAT test prep practice exercises and tips on its blog

    * has weekly math and writing tips on its blog

    * provides students with free online study tips

    * offers a weekly video riddle contest and $2000 prize to schools with the most correct answers.

Tutor Benefits:

With Tutoring Match a tutor receives the following:

    * Membership is free.

    * Free Profile – Modify narrative, photo, availability, locations, fees, payment policy & testimonials.

    * Flexible Schedule – Determine when you want to tutor.

    * Location – Determine where you want to tutor.

    * Security – We protect your identity, contact and address information.

    * Our Reputation – Parents trust our service & 10+ year track record, which gives you more credibility.

    * Personal Interview – We get to know you so we can match you better.

    * Representation – You don’t work for us. We act as your agent; we actually work for you.

    * Client Screening – We assess each tutorial request so we make sure it is an appropriate fit for you.

    * Flexibility – Work outside our network – with some stipulations.

    * Referral Fees – We pay you $50 (In-Home) and $20 (on-Line) for each tutor and/or student referral when we make a match.

    * Bonus Fees – We pay you another $500 (In-Home) and $200 (on-Line) each time 10 referrals are matched; that’s $1000 (In-Home) and $400 (on-Line) for every 10 referrals.

    * Discounts – To all tutors in our network, we offer discounts on tutoring, products, training or services.

    * Background and reference checks – We provide you with ways to obtain these, and in some hardship cases, will pay for it.


    * Flexibility – Determine your fee and payment plan(s) for each tutorial.

    * Negotiation – We take care of all fee negotiation.

    * Invoicing – We handle all billing and fee collection.

    * Guarantee – We pay you even when the parents have not yet paid us.

    * Cancellations – We have a 24-hour Notification Policy; if parent/client doesn’t notify you about a cancellation, we pay you.


    * Advertising – You don’t pay us anything to advertise your profile; you save money.

    * Self-marketing – You design your free profile narrative and information to attract potential clients.

    * Web Presence – We provide you with 24/7 online advertising of your profile and services.


    * Mediation – We mediate any tutor/tutee/parent issues.

    * Information – We offer free tutorial suggestions and guidelines.

    * Resources – We offer free educational resources and support on our web site.

    * Tips & Training – We offer free tutor tips and training – on our website and upon request.

    * Future References and Recommendations – We can help you get other jobs or even a loan.

As a tutor broker, Tutoring Match works on tutors’ behalf as well as parents’. And unlike any other business model we are aware of, we don’t charge tutors to work with us or pay us for all the services, referrals and resources that we provide them. We offer them a free service soinstead we actually offer them more than 20 benefits to be part of our network.

In order for TM to work successfully, tutors should realize that potential clients are paying for our service as well as theirs. When parents contract with us, they are frequently choosing our tutors because we have a quality service at a reasonable price. While our reputation helps us attract potential clients, it also gives parents reassurance and confidence that we know what we are doing. And it helps when they also discover that we have a knowledgeable, friendly and highly-trained staff to assist then through the daunting process and task of finding the right match. Over the last 10 years, parents trust us not only to have quality tutors because we interview, screen and do background checks, but also to have a variety of tutors from which to choose.

When parents first contact us, they soon realize that we have made the finding-a-tutor process easier, faster and better than they could have imagined. Then eventually, they experience the extraordinary benefits of having a great tutor work with their child. Take a look in the Parent section to read what many of our parent and student testimonials say about the help they got! So how does all of this affect your fee? Well, because we add value to your being a tutor in our network, we believe that that value should be taken into consideration for choosing a competitive fee.


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