Tutor’s Fee Range?

What is a “good” fee range?

How much of a difference should there be between my maximum fee and my minimum fee?

Many of the tutors ask us this question and our response is, “It is up to you.” But, you should keep in mind that most tutors have a “reasonable” range of fees. Some tutors actually have only one fee no matter what the request.

Experience has shown that a wider fee range is confusing to the parents. When parents see $50 – $100, the difference between the two fees isn’t very clear. Why would there be such a discrepancy, they ask. The obvious answer is travel and / or preparation, but if your fee range is more than $30 it may be difficult for parents to reconcile that increase and many parents may hesitate to choose you.

When you charge a higher fee range, you should consider that you will sometimes knock yourself out of consideration for a tutorial. To attract more tutorials, you may want to consider lowering your fees or, at least, consolidate your fee range.

We suggest that you reduce the difference between your maximum and minimum rates to no more than $10 – $30 dollars. And then use your comment box to explain your fees. A fee box and payment options are coming soon to your profile. Parents will then have a better idea of what the overall cost will be and that much more likely to choose you.

If a tutor bids a higher tutorial fee when a student/parent chooses him/her, it is obviously the parents’ choice. But, if the fee is out of line, there is a chance that the tutor may be compromising his or her ability to receive more students through our service.


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