Uplifted, Awed and Inspired

Last night on the Food Network show Chopped, the contestants were 4 “lunchroom ladies”.  All of them worked in impoverished areas and talked about the necessity to make healthy meals for their students knowing that for some this was the only food they would have for the day.

Here is the write-up from foodnetwork.com ~

“Class is in session in the Chopped kitchen! Four school cafeteria chefs compete to raise awareness about the importance of good meals for kids. With White House chef Sam Kass as a guest judge, the ladies seek to make a big impression with their first dishes, made with dill pickles and canned tuna. Then in the entrée round, quinoa is a new ingredient for two out of the three chefs. Will they be able to take something unknown and create something great? The two finalists pour their hearts into making fantastic desserts that include grapes and cream cheese. And an emotional victory brings an incredible competition to its conclusion”.

The women spoke of their desire to change the stereotypical opinion of “lunchroom ladies” and show that they all have talents and the ability to make food that is not only healthy but appetizing. As the show progressed the women talked about their schools, their students and their desire to help the community.

The woman who eventually won the competition spoke about her love for her kids, her job and her passion to effect change. The cameras showed footage of her packing book bags with food for  students to take home on the weekends. She said she did this because she knew if she didn’t they would have nothing to eat. This contestant was so positive and committed that listening to her it was hard to keep a dry eye. Even the judges were weepy when her students surrounded her as a victory surprise.

At this Thanksgiving time we think about how we can give back.

I for one was inspired by all of these ladies who  have made a life decision to make a better world for those less fortunate.

If you can catch a rerun of this episode I encourage you to do so.

Nothing beats being uplifted and inspired, especially by those who are truly selfless.




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