Wednesday’s Writing Tip

Is that a real word?

Have you ever had a conversation where the person you are speaking with throws in a word that you have never heard before? The English language has morphed over the years, slang terms used as everyday vocabulary, words from other languages used in conjunction with standard English.

Here are some words,their definitions and how to use them properly in a sentence:

Oy – ( yiddish) – an exclamation of dismay – ” Oy, I dropped the fish!”.

Goth – a person who wears dark clothes ( usually black), dark make-up and hair – ” My friend, Lisa, is so Goth”.

Muggle – one who has no magical powers ( from Harry Potter) – ” That Muggle cannot protect himself against the Wizard”.

Threequel – a second sequel – “J.K Rowlings made a threequel out of the Harry Potter series”.

Screenager – a teen/twenty something person who is incredibly computer savvy. “My screenager helps me with all of my emails”.

E-bill – an electronic bill – ” I paid my Amex e-bill on my Mac”.

Juice – to defeat an opponent – “Our team juiced the rival town’s team”.

Combat Parking – backing a car into a parking space – ” I practice combat parking so that I can get out of my spot easily”.

Mishegas ( Yiddish) – craziness – ” I am so done with all of her mishegas!”.

Kanyed- to be interrupted while making a statement – ” The heckler Kanyed me during my speech”.

We invite you to add to our list!


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