Wednesday’s Writing Topics

Tackling The SAT Writing Section Essay

When many students hear that they only have 25 minutes to develop, write, and edit an essay, they PANIC!!!!!

  1. RELAX! You can do this.
  2. Read the question carefully. Form a mental answer.
  3. Jot down important ideas first- do not let the time crunch scare you into forgetting your prep work. Organization is key.
  4. If you can quickly outline after you plan, go for it. Writing off the top of your head will not show a focused, well structured essay.
  5. Write a strong introduction. This tells the reader what to expect from your essay.
  6. Don’t worry about a few spelling errors or scratch-outs. The scorers are looking for content and understand this essay is more in line with a first draft, not a polished product.
  7. Note above that I said a few spelling mistakes. Overall bad grammar and spelling errors will be held against you.
  8. Backup your ideas with examples and evidence.
  9. If stating an opinion or including personal experiences, use phrases like ” I believe” or “I think”.
  10. Do not digress. Stick to your topic.
  11. If you have the time, reread and edit.
  12. Even though there may be little time, do not restate your introduction as the conclusion to your essay. Write a short conclusion that pulls together your thoughts.


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