What factor should I consider when choosing a fee?

We believe that your total Tutoring Match charge and your Take-Home fee should take into account a number of factors: Your experience level – How do you value your expertise? Your reputation – How well are you known and respected in your field? Your availability – How flexible are you with your schedule, weekends, holidays, early, late? Location of the tutorial – How willing are you to travel and how far? Your present fee – How much do you charge privately? Are you fees consistent, varied or flexible? Your competition – What do other tutors offer for the same service? Economic environment – How affordable are you when money is tight? Your payment plan options – Are you willing to offer reduced fees to become more marketable? TM’s benefits –How much do you value what TM offers you? Your need – Would you rather have more tutees at a lesser fee or fewer tutees at a higher rate?


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