Who monitors the monitor?

Thanks for passing along my questions about the video….I spoke with Scott Tally yesterday and discovered that my video never was aired…he had lots of explanations and excuses, but the bottom line was that the fine print in the contract that I signed did not guarantee the two-week time slots that I bought. Of course, I thought I was purchasing a video blast and time slots back in November. Of course, I was shocked to learn that the video hadn’t even been run on the air, and I was even more perturbed that I had not been informed about any of this…and that this was their policy and their practice when getting companies to advertise with them. Not only did I feel mislead by his company as I assumed I was paying for a prime spot when parents and students would be home and possible viewers around Thanksgiving, I was wrong in making the assumption that BBB would have not contracted with someone who does business this way. While he would not refund my money because of this contract and his “obligations”, he did offer to air the spot in two weeks and give me an edited video link for my website….given that this is my only recourse to accept this offer, it still does not sit well that the BBB endorsed his business and on that recommendation, I trusted that it would be a good investment. My mistake.


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